$2.05M EC Penthouse - A Case of No Winners?

Over the weekend, you might have heard about a $2.05 million Executive Condominium being sold in a scant 2 hours after booking began at 10am.  This has certainly created quite a buzz.  Some questioned the high price, while others were shocked with the size and overt luxury afforded in the public housing sphere, all subsidised [...]

Dec 242012

BLUTA Singapore wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May good tidings and cheer accompany you for the rest of the coming years.

Preparing for a Successful House Viewing

As we all know, presentation is a key element in making sales. Selling a home is no different. A presentable home will attract more buyers, and a higher price too. Today’s property market has slowed down, with lower volumes across the market. A smaller pool of buyers means that it is all the more important [...]

Public Housing - Are the Rules Public Enough?

It has been well over 50 years since the Housing Development Board (HDB) first came into being and took over the Singapore Improvement Trust, spawned by the Housing and Development Act of 1960. In those early years, it hit the ground running and overcame the serious housing obstacles that lay before it. Decades later, many [...]

ECs - Executive or Exclusive?

Last week, Singapore’s Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan, posted a cautionary article on Housing Matters, the online mouthpiece of his Ministry. In this article, he reminded developers about the intended purpose of the Executive Condominium (EC) niche, and the role they played in fulfilling this purpose. “EC is to help Singaporean families earning [...]

Nov 232012
Hong Kong vs Singapore

The Singapore Armchair Critic recently posted an article that hits quite close to our hearts. Hong Kong vs Singapore: Public Housing “The annual supply of HDB flats matches the number of newly registered married couples; those with children can upgrade to bigger flats while the aged may monetize existing flats by selling them back to [...]

85% in Public Housing - Too Many?

  In writing our three-part article, we did quite a bit of brainstorming, research and refining of ideas as we got the story together. In the end, the refined product took shape after many iterations and team discussions. In the process, however, we stumbled across a few ideas that seemed quite relevant to Singapore housing, [...]

BLUTA on Housing, Part 3

Welcome to the third and final instalment of our series on Singapore housing and its related policies. In Part 1, we talked about the major issues faced by Singaporeans today, and how they tie in with our home ownership, or lack thereof. In the second part, we elaborated further on these issues, and also talked [...]

BLUTA on Housing, Part 2

In Part 1, we told you about our concerns in the Singapore housing scene. Unfortunately, our housing problems run deeper than that. Today, we are going to look at how current HDB policies may be enhanced. Other than refocusing on providing cost-effective, basic housing with fewer bells and whistles, we believe that certain HDB policies [...]