Thumbnail LogoProperty is a hot topic these days in Singapore; well hotter than usual, at any rate. So much so that everyone, from barely-out-of-school graduates to grizzled veterans, and of course, the ubiquitous taxi driver, is talking about real estate.

But those of us who have experienced home ownership can tell you how challenging it can be. Just contemplating how much, and how long, you will owe the bank is enough to make anyone pause. But equally daunting seems the task of finding a place, navigating the maze of paperwork, or simply just figuring out the market.

So, before jumping feet first into these costly, and sometimes treacherous, waters, check back here for some insight.

This will be our platform for discussing issues related to housing in Singapore. While there will be many opinion pieces, we shall strive to be fair to all points of view. We will try to bring well-researched truths while also raising controversial viewpoints for consideration.

And unlike the property market, jumping feet first into the discussion won’t cost you a cent.




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