The latest buzz in the local property scene is the rental of storage rooms and bomb shelters. Of course, to any local who’s been around, this really isn’t anything new. Certain tenants have always been willing sacrifice living space for lower rents or better location. Some maids and foreign workers have been expected to stay in such quarters for years as well.

What is new, however, is the skyrocketing cost of such a room. Apparently, not even the low end of the market can escape this exuberance. For those who aren’t in the know, such rooms are usually around 35 to 45 square feet, with some even coming in at a paltry 25 square feet. In leaner times, paying $400 a month for such a room would have been considered insanity. These days, however, the price can go up to $600 monthly. I leave you to do the math on how much that is per square foot.

Exorbidant rents aside, nobody is putting a gun to the tenant’s head and forcing him to stay in such a box. On the contrary, such tenants are parting with good coin for the privilege, so why shouldn’t an enterprising homeowner cash in, right? Well, one reason is that it’s illegal to rent out any non-bedroom in a public housing unit.

For private property, the rules are a bit more hazy, but certain civil defense guidelines do state that any features or furniture installed in a bomb shelter should be readily movable. In other words, it should not require major renovation work to convert back to its original purpose, which is to save your ass in case bombs start going off around you.

But really, who’s to say that it’s silly to pay for such an abode. Perhaps the tenant finds that access to condo facilities and grounds more than makes up for the postage-stamp sleeping area. Or that being able to walk to work far outweighs any other disadvantage (and who can fault such thinking, with public and private transport in today’s state?).

I just find it ironic that our maids sleep in rooms that are equivalent to their monthly salary, or even more, to rent.


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