In this case, the number eight wasn’t so lucky; at least not for the Indonesian domestic worker that fell to her death on the evening of 26 April. From the stepping stool and cleaning materials found next to the window on the ninth floor, it was apparent that the 25-year-old worker fell while she was attempting [...]

High-Rise Safety - Part Two

In the first part of this series, we talked about windows and how they might contribute to safety for both foreign domestic workers and residents alike. In this follow-up, we want to address another domestic chore that is proving to be more dangerous than first imagined. I’m talking, of course, about hanging out the laundry [...]

Developers Have a New Line to Toe With URA

Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) have finally made official, a round of changes to the Housing Developers Rules. Details directly from URA here. Mandatory information to intending home-buyers Track record of developers Home-buyers’ consent for changes to a housing unit Extend controls on advertisements to those on websites The gist of it is to increase transparency [...]

Something Strange, In Your Neighbourhood...

We read with great interest, recently, about the prices fetched by Sky Habitat, the latest Capitaland development in the heart of Bishan. Even after factoring in discounts by the developer, per-square-foot prices still came in at around SG$1,500. For a non-Core-Central-Region (CCR) development, it is certainly quite an eyebrow raiser. Just over the launch weekend, [...]

Air-con Ledges a Dilemma for HDB and Condo Developers?

We recently read an article that commented on a topic that’s close to our heart. So close that we’ve written two posts about it, from two different perspectives. Now, the article mentioned above criticised a tactic used by developers as dubious and unethical. Developers have always been allowed to include air-conditioner ledges, (more accurately termed [...]

High-Rise Safety - Part One

Earlier, we talked about how high-rise living can be hazardous to your health. In this first part of a series on safe living up in the sky, we’ll touch on a key method of ensuring that it’s a lot more difficult to get down from your residence the hard way. The concept is quite simple, [...]

Towards a More Savvy Property Market

New guidelines for marketing property, specifically targeted at showflats and mock-ups, have been proposed by the authorities, but have not been implemented, since March last year. Now, a year down the road, it seems that the proposals haven’t quite sunk in yet. Showflats still have flaws in their presentation that can leave buyers confused, or [...]

The High Cost of Living in High-Rise Singapore

The recent revelations that, over the past 3 months, 6 foreign domestic workers have fallen to their deaths in the line of duty should surprise no one. After all, it isn’t the first such incident in this land of high-rise, high-density living. What is new, however, is the Ministry of Manpower’s attempt to address the [...]


After our previous article about COVs dropping (found here), it got us thinking more about the topic. What is this thing called COV, where did it come from, and why has it become such a big deal? To properly understand what COV is, we need to know how HDB units are valued. Unlike private property, [...]