In this case, the number eight wasn’t so lucky; at least not for the Indonesian domestic worker that fell to her death on the evening of 26 April.

From the stepping stool and cleaning materials found next to the window on the ninth floor, it was apparent that the 25-year-old worker fell while she was attempting to clean said window.

This tragedy, the eighth such fatality this year, has added momentum to the calls for a complete ban on cleaning of high-rise window exteriors. Madam Halimah Yacob, Minister of State for Community Development, also warned employers of domestic workers to not allow them to open high-rise window grilles.

There has also been an initiative for greater education and training for foreign domestic workers. In fact, the Ministry of Manpower has recently announced a new programme for such workers, teaching them how to live and work safely in Singapore.

While such legislation and training will certainly help, we wonder if they are enough to prevent further loss of life. Currently, these measures are the most immediate response available, but in light of how difficult the ban would be to enforce, more must be done.

As we stated in our article about high-rise safety, window design can do so much more to eradicate such tragic occurrences. We understand that the newest HDB apartments have safety features already installed, such as immovable grilles and smaller windows. However, we believe that older apartments should also be upgraded or retrofitted with features such as safer windows and laundry systems.

The government must also do its part in discouraging unsafe working conditions, if it expects employers and their workers to wholeheartedly embrace these measures.

The upcoming third part in our series on high-rise safety will deal with education, training and simple tools to deal with this issue.


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