Hesitantly Not Hesitating in the Property Market

In a recent blog entry, Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan stated that he would not hesitate to intervene in the so-called “shoebox” apartment market. Yet in the next sentence goes on to say that it would be hard to do so at present because the market in the heartlands is untested. He goes [...]

Reality Check - What SGD108M Gets You

We’re sure our readers have read about the latest asking price for that remarkable property at Sentosa Cove. In a very exclusive neighbourhood, with amenities and signs of the high life all around, the two-storey bungalow certainly has all the right qualities. But the asking price of $108 million still seems on the high side [...]

Illegal Subletting - HDB Cannot Let Such Abusers Off Lightly

We read with a certain sense of amusement the recent report in The New Paper about the Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment owner who blatantly advertised daily rates for her HDB apartment rooms. The advertisement, found in October’s issue of the in-flight magazine for Indonesian carrier Lion Air, featured three photos of the rooms [...]