We’re sure our readers have read about the latest asking price for that remarkable property at Sentosa Cove. In a very exclusive neighbourhood, with amenities and signs of the high life all around, the two-storey bungalow certainly has all the right qualities. But the asking price of $108 million still seems on the high side for for a 103-year leasehold property of a ‘mere’ 20,000 square feet land area.

This is more than twice the last price achieved by a similar property there, which was sold for SGD39 million.



To put it into perspective, here’s what you can get, for less (sometimes much less) than SGD108 million.





Lyons Demesne, and its 120 hectares (over 12.9 million square feet) is on sale for a mere GBP50 million.

Humewood Castle in County Wicklow, Ireland has an asking price of just over USD10.4 million. That includes the grounds, of which there is 173 hectares-worth. That’s a whopping 18.6 million square feet. East Coast Park, Singapore’s largest park, is just slightly bigger at 185 hectares.

A whole range of castles, with grounds at least 45 acres (1.96 million square feet), for under GBP10 million. That’s less than the SGD39 million Sentosa ‘holiday home’.

A Tropical Island

Bandaa Dhidhoo, a 59-acre (2.57 million square feet) island in the Maldives, is going at a mere EUR6 million for a 50-year lease.

A Whole Building

Closer to home, Jade Towers, a freehold apartment building recently concluded an en-bloc sale at just over SGD106 million.

That’s how the SGD108 million asking price stacks up against other alternatives. Perhaps the seller is hoping for the same insanity that happened at Sky Habitat, but on a much bigger scale.

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  5 Responses to “Reality Check – What SGD108M Gets You”


    if i won singapore sweep, i will go buy a castle like this. lol


    win = =


      wow! amazing views, pitucres are so pretty. I am also scared by looking the heights too She is a cutie Mommy Dropping some love for Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the favor too.


    S$108M there might be just a buyer for it. It took 1 year to sell the house in Sentosa for $39M. Well 1 year later maybe there is another guy willing to break the record. :)


    I agree that busy is good but too busy is not . Hope you get time for a break some time soon. Thanks for sharing your Singapore pics with your dhguater. Have a great day Dropping by for TT.

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