Jun 272012
Getting the Shoe to Fit Right

These days, anyone who is at least slightly aware of the property market here will know how small a “shoebox” apartment is. The very monikers used for these types of units conjure up images of a little hole in the wall and cramped, sardine-can-like conditions. The truth is, however, that such units have found their [...]

The Great Shoebox Debate

The latest property debate on everyone’s lips is about “shoebox” apartments. Are they good or bad? Overpriced or value-for-money? Inhuman or practical? Before we dive into all that, let’s just do a quick definition of “shoebox”, otherwise known as “mickey mouse”, apartments. These terms describe a residential apartment that has less than 500 square feet, or [...]

Jun 012012
Luxurious Expectations

Recently, an article put forth that the average Singaporean would take 43 years, practically half of his or her life, to fully purchase a ‘luxury home’. It concluded with the statement that “Singapore still has a long way to go before the majority of its residents can splurge on luxury homes”. In this article, the [...]