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These days, anyone who is at least slightly aware of the property market here will know how small a “shoebox” apartment is. The very monikers used for these types of units conjure up images of a little hole in the wall and cramped, sardine-can-like conditions.

The truth is, however, that such units have found their niche (pun not intended); there are many people who find them a very good fit for their lifestyles. As we mentioned in our previous post, The Great Shoebox Debate, these types of dwelling are being used by singles or couples in very specific scenarios.

But just because one chooses to stay in a small-sized home doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t attempt to maximise the space available. In fact, it becomes all the more important to make sure that every space is fully utilised to the max! We decided to go looking for furnishing ideas that are simply the right fit for a shoebox.


Photo by Mark Duggan www.markdugganphotography.com

First up is the charmingly-titled “As If From Nowhere” furniture set by designer Orla Reynolds. This bookcase and shelving unit neatly conceals four chairs and two tables, just right for unexpected guests or an impromptu Mahjong session. It may be a while before this innovative design hits our shores, but it will probably be here in time for the incoming glut of shoebox apartments.

Photo by Mark Duggan www.markdugganphotography.com












Secondly, we have folding wall-beds, as illustrated by Murphy Wall-Beds. These beds fold away vertically against the wall, freeing up the floor space occupied by the bed for day-time activities. As an added bonus, it makes sweeping and cleaning under the bed so much easier too!

Next up, we have the Matroshka living concept, which integrates a living room, dining room, bedroom and study into one item of furniture. Granted, it’s not for everyone, but it might even allow one more occupant to squeeze into a shoebox unit.

For a general idea of what’s possible in the field of space-saving furniture, one could also take a look at Resource Furniture, which has an amazing collection of pieces for almost all areas of the home.

Perfect for small or home, or small home, offices.

From bed to storage is a 180-deg difference

Images courtesy of Resource Furniture

Images courtesy of Resource Furniture

With these ideas as a start, even smaller apartments can have that cosy and homely feel. Check them out and let us know what you think.


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