What's My Line?

All this recent talk about the upcoming Thomson Line MRT has brought an issue into sharp focus. Specifically, there is a lot of buzz about how this new mass rapid transit line will affect property prices around the planned station. This should come as no surprise, of course, as the only thing that can set [...]

Hong Kong Takes Action To Protect Residents

The surge of wealthy mainland Chinese property buyers has prompted further measures from the Hong Kong government. According to recent reports, the Hong Kong government will be implementing restriction on certain properties, such that only residents of Hong Kong proper can purchase these. This comes on the back of several rounds of property cooling measures, [...]

Rental Rise May Worsen Glut Down the Road

A rise in median rental prices for non-landed homes was picked up in a recent report by Savills Singapore. To further clarify, this was not total rent, but on per-square-foot terms. In other words, they were considering rentals divided by the built-in area of the unit, instead of just taking the full rental of each [...]