BLUTA on Housing, Part 1

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve not had a new blog post since September. However, much as we’d like to, we haven’t been on a two-month vacation. We wanted to write about the housing problems facing ordinary Singaporeans in recent years, and the reasons sentiment on the ground has been turning sour. Our [...]

What's My Line?

All this recent talk about the upcoming Thomson Line MRT has brought an issue into sharp focus. Specifically, there is a lot of buzz about how this new mass rapid transit line will affect property prices around the planned station. This should come as no surprise, of course, as the only thing that can set [...]

Hong Kong Takes Action To Protect Residents

The surge of wealthy mainland Chinese property buyers has prompted further measures from the Hong Kong government. According to recent reports, the Hong Kong government will be implementing restriction on certain properties, such that only residents of Hong Kong proper can purchase these. This comes on the back of several rounds of property cooling measures, [...]

Rental Rise May Worsen Glut Down the Road

A rise in median rental prices for non-landed homes was picked up in a recent report by Savills Singapore. To further clarify, this was not total rent, but on per-square-foot terms. In other words, they were considering rentals divided by the built-in area of the unit, instead of just taking the full rental of each [...]

Of Singles, HDB Flats and Shoebox Apartments

The recent speech by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the National Day Rally, has generated plenty of murmuring in the property market, as expected. After all, such a major change in policy is more than a mere pebble in the Singapore property pond. The potential effects would be more akin to a splash than just [...]

Parking Problems: Growing Faster Than We Realise?

It seems that how, where and why Singaporeans park their cars is hot news lately. From fistfights over curb-side parking to the legality of installing your own mechanical car-lifts, the issue of vehicle parking keeps cropping up in the news. Even the latest issue, as seen in the Straits Times, is nothing more than a [...]

Aug 162012
The Long Debt

Much has been said of the recent 50-year housing loan offered by United Overseas Bank (UOB). Most commenters agree that such a loan is a niche product. Only a small group of potential buyers would benefit from such a loan; the majority of the buying public would be ill-advised to take up such loan, despite [...]

A Tale of Two Car-Lifts (and Ministries)

In light of the recent incidents due to the parking squeeze in landed housing estates, one would have expected the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to issue a statement; especially with the many misconceptions floated by residents and other interviewees. Yet, the silence is almost deafening. However, fresh on the heels of that episode is a [...]

Aug 102012
How Was Your 47th?

Hello dear readers! For the Singaporeans here, I hope you had a great National Day yesterday, our nation’s 47th birthday. There’s probably a fortunate lot of you who have managed to get a very nice long weekend, but those of you have to work today (like us!), TGIF! Have a great weekend, long or otherwise.