The New Property Tax Structure - Start of a New Direction?

The recently announced and unveiled Budget 2013 included a segment on a new residential property tax structure that would take effect by 1 January 2014. This tax structure features progressive tax rates for all property, based on their Annual Value. A further increase of 1% for the upper tiers is slated for 1 January 2015. [...]

Condominiums Old and New - Are You Getting Your Moneys' Worth?

This has always been a phenomenon in the real estate market, but recently it has escalated due to the upward spike in prices. We’re talking, of course, about the premium that buyers are willing to pay for new, straight-from-developer or pre-TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) private apartments and condominiums versus older resale units that have been [...]

Rental Forces in the Singapore Property Market

We received a comment earlier this week (posted in our “Risk Transfer” article), with questions regarding the rental situation in Singapore. Reader eremarf wrote: “There’s one thing I’d like to learn more about – why do rental prices keep going up in Singapore? What are the mechanisms, why does it occur, and what are the [...]

Feb 092013
Happy New Year of the Snake!

BLUTA wishes all our family and friends, readers and followers a happy, prosperous and fulfilling Year of the Snake in 2013! 恭喜发财! 万事如意!

Going Beyond MP Inderjit Singh's Ideas on Housing

There have been many comments bandied about recently online regarding the make-up of Singapore. Phrases like “true-blue Singaporean” and ”born-and-bred Singaporean” are used without really knowing if they mean the same thing to everyone using them. Even we at BLUTA have been guilty of it. So we decided to sit down and really distill our thoughts [...]

New Citizens Ahead Because of Kids - Working as Intended?

Way before the whole Punggol East by-election and Population White Paper exploded on the scene, there was an announcement about new schemes for boosting birth rates. One of these is the Parenthood Priority Scheme, which deals with Build-To-Order (BTO) flats offered directly from the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Essentially, the scheme sets aside a significant [...]

45% Foreigners - The Perfect Property Storm For Our Banks and Nation

In our earlier commentary on the 6.9 million Population White Paper, we mentioned that a “projection” of 45% foreigner mix could be a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, we are actually more worried about that “45% will be foreigners” statement than the 6.9 million population. Even with the 55% Singaporeans in 2030, there’s also [...]

6.9 Million Raises Spectre of Shoebox ECs

The past few months have demonstrated that controlling a vigorous property market is akin to steering a canoe in rapids with a spoon. Despite cooling measure after cooling measure, the market always finds new ways to upset the careful direction laid out by the authorities. This is even so in public housing, where there is, traditionally, a [...]

6.9 Million Population - Part 2, Quantitative Projections

Following up from our article yesterday, about how a 6.9 million population would affect Singapore in 2030, we have a few additional points we’d like to illustrate, this time with some numbers and calculation. First, we’d like to start by giving some background on our demographic make-up, while also talking about the characteristics of each segment. We [...]