Fact: 20% of HDB Resale by PRs. But Does it Make Sense?

In our previous article we talked about Permanent Residents (PRs). We delved into the effect that housing policies have on their actions, and consequently what those actions have on the Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale market. One of the comments that we got, and that the authorities often use a well, was that PRs only [...]

Permanent Residents' Windfall - At What Cost?

We noticed that a recent post on the Straits Times (ST) forum page pointed out a disturbing trend in our housing market. A reader wrote in to say: “While house-hunting in the HDB resale market recently, I came across a number of permanent residents (PRs) who were selling their flats as they were returning to [...]

Online Comments on Leasehold Property - BLUTA Responds

There has been quite some response to our recent article about leasehold properties, Limited Term Ownership – COEs and Leaseholds. We do appreciate the feedback and comments from the public, and it has given us food for thought as well. We’d like to quickly address a few of the points brought up recently. Property-buying behaviour [...]

Limited Term Ownership - COEs and Leaseholds

We came across an interesting article on the blog “A Singaporean in Australia” recently, that drew comparisons between Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for vehicles in Singapore, and the 99-year leasehold properties, specifically Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. As mentioned in the article by Singaporean Son, the COE is time-limited (by 10 years) just like leasehold property, [...]

Paying Up in Full - A CPF Dilemma

The question of paying off a Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment fully from Central Provident Fund (CPF) has been brought up recently, and some commentators have suggested that it is an unequivocally BAD idea. The general argument is that having withdrawn a sum from CPF to fully pay up a property incurs an “interest” of 2.5% [...]