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BLUTA Singapore seeks to leverage the latest web and information technology in order to bring transparency and fairness to the property markets in the region. We seek to empower buyers, sellers and brokers with the tools and information required to make accurate decisions when buying and selling in this high-value market.

Our goal is to create an online marketplace with sincere buyers and sellers, an environment where participants are motivated to disclose information as accurately and comprehensively as possible, and confidence inspired by a set of fair and impartial rules. By eliminating dishonest and fraudulent behaviour, and providing unbiased and accurate information, we will achieve a higher standard of service in this industry.

With this in mind, we have envisioned a cross-platform database accessed via web-based portals as well as mobile applications. We aren’t just building a website, but a community. This community will be engaged by constant updates, relevant news and comprehensive analyses. Buyers, sellers and brokers will all have useful tools at their fingertips, to assist in achieving their objectives.

As part of our aim to be fully involved in the market and engaged with our audience, we started this blog. BLUTA-log is our avenue to report and comment on the news, announcements and happenings in the property market, and we hope that our voice will add to our readers’ perspective and knowledge.

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