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Who will be Hardest Hit by 3.5% Interest Rate

We wrote about the recent property loan regulations announced by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in our article on 2nd July. We also posited that the introduction of a mandated 3.5% interest rate for total debt servicing ratio (TDSR) calculation implies an unspoken expectation of an interest rate hike in the short to medium term. As we mentioned [...]

MAS Instills Discipline with New Housing Loan Measures

Our recent article (MAS Has Another Go at Property Cooling Measures) has garnered a few comments online that we would like to address. Many of the comments have focused on how these measures will impact the poorer and more marginalised folks, who are barely scraping by with their daily needs and debt repayments. Not a few [...]

Does Government Expect Turbulence in Singapore Property?

While the latest property loan measures announced by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) covered quite a lot of situations and scenarios, one small little 3.5 – in a foot note, no less – caught our attention. We’d like to present our opinion on the implications of this number in this article. What is the significance [...]

MAS Has Another Go at Property Cooling Measures

The latest financial measure to hit the Singapore property market comes from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the same body that targeted car loans just a few months ago. This time, they are targeting housing loans with a range of refinements and definitions to level the playing field for both banks and buyers. The refinements [...]

Jun 262013
Tackling the Haze at Home

The recent record-breaking haze levels have created a new, heightened awareness of the need for clean air in our homes. Indoor air pollution is one of the greatest environmental health risks we experience, so it could be worthwhile to explore this topic further. In this article, we will focus on particulate matter pollution, and tips [...]

Cooling Measures Are No Match for Money Supply

Seven cooling measures have come and gone in the Singapore property market, each one more stringent and restrictive than the one before. For a while, the Singapore property market laid low while absorbing the impact of these policies. But propwise had this to say in a recent article: “But the recent flash estimate of the [...]

Fact: 20% of HDB Resale by PRs. But Does it Make Sense?

In our previous article we talked about Permanent Residents (PRs). We delved into the effect that housing policies have on their actions, and consequently what those actions have on the Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale market. One of the comments that we got, and that the authorities often use a well, was that PRs only [...]

Permanent Residents' Windfall - At What Cost?

We noticed that a recent post on the Straits Times (ST) forum page pointed out a disturbing trend in our housing market. A reader wrote in to say: “While house-hunting in the HDB resale market recently, I came across a number of permanent residents (PRs) who were selling their flats as they were returning to [...]

Online Comments on Leasehold Property - BLUTA Responds

There has been quite some response to our recent article about leasehold properties, Limited Term Ownership – COEs and Leaseholds. We do appreciate the feedback and comments from the public, and it has given us food for thought as well. We’d like to quickly address a few of the points brought up recently. Property-buying behaviour [...]