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Limited Term Ownership - COEs and Leaseholds

We came across an interesting article on the blog “A Singaporean in Australia” recently, that drew comparisons between Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for vehicles in Singapore, and the 99-year leasehold properties, specifically Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. As mentioned in the article by Singaporean Son, the COE is time-limited (by 10 years) just like leasehold property, [...]

Paying Up in Full - A CPF Dilemma

The question of paying off a Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment fully from Central Provident Fund (CPF) has been brought up recently, and some commentators have suggested that it is an unequivocally BAD idea. The general argument is that having withdrawn a sum from CPF to fully pay up a property incurs an “interest” of 2.5% [...]

The Issue with Executive Condos

Just last week, our Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan mentioned that “There is this sense of inequity here that the lower-income group is getting lower subsidies than somebody who is earning S$12,000, so something is wrong somewhere and therefore I think we cannot carry on the EC in this current mode.” He was, [...]

Rising sea levels - is Singapore prepared?

A recent study done by a team from the National University of Singapore has raised the issue of rising sea levels and the impact that will have on Singapore. Their report anticipates a rise in sea levels of anywhere between 9 to 88 cm by year 2100. The median estimate is a rise of about 50 [...]

Singapore Conversation - Rent or Own?

The Ministry for National Development (MND) has just raised an issue that we have immense interest in. In a coming dialogue session “Our Singapore Conversation on Housing”, they plan to discuss home ownership in Singapore. The topic synopsis: “Today, 90% of resident households own their homes. Singapore has one of the highest home ownership rates [...]

Banks Can Take Steps to Minimise Risk

In response to our article, 45% Foreigners – The Perfect Property Storm For Our Banks and Nation about the risks associated with housing loans to foreigners, our reader “a foreigner” left a comment we felt should be addressed briefly. He commented: “If the risk is high then the banks should do their own diligence and set the [...]

Minister Musings - HDB the Trend Setter?

In our previous article, we spoke about how Minister Khaw Boon Wan put forth two ideas that the Housing Development Board (HDB) was considering. We then elaborated our thoughts on the first idea, which was lifting of the income ceiling limitation for purchases of public housing in Singapore. In this second part, we would like [...]

Minister Musings - Income Ceiling Obsolete?

Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan recently mused out loud about the direction that Housing Development Board (HDB) policies would take in the future. His revelations have sparked quite a bit of reaction from netizens, ranging the gamut of negative to positive responses. He highlighted two points specifically that the authorities are thinking over: Lifting [...]

Will Casino Defaults Be Repeated at Banks?

We read with interest the recent report in the news about the woes our two integrated resorts are having. The Reuters report, carried in Yahoo! Singapore, stated that in the three years since the casinos were allowed to open in Singapore, several Chinese nationals who were VIP gamblers racked up millions of dollars in debt [...]