B G Tan

Mitigating Interest Rate Risks in Your Properties.

In our earlier blog entry on Who will be Hardest Hit by 3.5% Interest Rate, we identified the homeowners most likely to be affected by the interest rate uncertainty brought on by the possible removal or reduction of the United States Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing measures. Since then, there has been a succession of other events and [...]

6.9 Million Population - Part 2, Quantitative Projections

Following up from our article yesterday, about how a 6.9 million population would affect Singapore in 2030, we have a few additional points we’d like to illustrate, this time with some numbers and calculation. First, we’d like to start by giving some background on our demographic make-up, while also talking about the characteristics of each segment. We [...]

New Cooling Measures Affect Loan-to-Value (LTV) Limits and Minimum Cash Down Payment

The swift actions by the government bodies in response to the Executive Condominium fiasco discussed in our earlier article and the continued escalation of property prices are probably welcomed by many.  Of course there will be those who will not agree with the need for new cooling measures, but we reckon that it is prudent for [...]

New Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) Rates

New Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty Rates will be in effect today!  Here are the comparisons against current rates as released late yesterday evening by authorities.

Run Away Brides - Sacrificing HDB at the Altar

In a somewhat sad scenario, a new phenomenon seems to have taken hold in Singapore. Singapore brides are getting the pre-marital jitters. Hardly something a babies-short Singapore needs, unless we suddenly become much more accepting of babies out of wedlock.

$2.05M EC Penthouse - A Case of No Winners?

Over the weekend, you might have heard about a $2.05 million Executive Condominium being sold in a scant 2 hours after booking began at 10am.  This has certainly created quite a buzz.  Some questioned the high price, while others were shocked with the size and overt luxury afforded in the public housing sphere, all subsidised [...]