Feb 092013
Happy New Year of the Snake!

BLUTA wishes all our family and friends, readers and followers a happy, prosperous and fulfilling Year of the Snake in 2013! 恭喜发财! 万事如意!

6.9 Million Population - Part 1, Qualitative Assessment

The recent government white paper on population, released by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), has created a bit of a stir online. We were quite surprised, however, that there wasn’t a greater response. Due for parliamentary debate in the coming session on 4 Feb 2013, its most eye-catching statement is that we will [...]

How Recent Cooling Measures Affect HDB Loans - Annex IV

So, in my previous article about the cooling measures directed at public housing, I promised to talk more about Annex IV (due for release 1 July 2013), which deals specifically with purchase of HDB flats with less than 60 years of lease remaining. Well, here it is! After analysing Annex IV in greater detail, we [...]

Public Housing Sector Gets Some Cooling Too

In addition to addressing private property directly (as we detailed in our articles on ABSD and LTV), the new cooling measures also had something for the public housing market. I guess they didn’t want Housing Development Board (HDB) flat buyers to feel left out! The measures targeted specifically at the HDB market takes direct aim at [...]

URA Must Do More to Curb Developers

The recent post by Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, about the $2.05M EC furor has given us some food for thought. In his blog, he questioned and rationalised the decision by the developer to build a super-sized penthouse EC unit, instead of multiple smaller units. He pointed out that because of the large roof terrace, [...]

Run Away Brides - Sacrificing HDB at the Altar

In a somewhat sad scenario, a new phenomenon seems to have taken hold in Singapore. Singapore brides are getting the pre-marital jitters. Hardly something a babies-short Singapore needs, unless we suddenly become much more accepting of babies out of wedlock.

Jan 012013

BLUTA wishes a Happy New Year to all our readers! It is our hope that 2013 marks a year of progress for Singapore and her citizens, on all fronts.

Dec 242012

BLUTA Singapore wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May good tidings and cheer accompany you for the rest of the coming years.

Nov 232012
Hong Kong vs Singapore

The Singapore Armchair Critic recently posted an article that hits quite close to our hearts. Hong Kong vs Singapore: Public Housing “The annual supply of HDB flats matches the number of newly registered married couples; those with children can upgrade to bigger flats while the aged may monetize existing flats by selling them back to [...]