How to Avoid Property Blunders, Part 3 - Research and Comparison

Previously, we aired our views about rushing. Rushing to “beat” the announced cooling measures in Part 1, and then in Part 2, rushing to buy a project that will take at least 3 years to manifest. It should be fairly obvious that we are not fans of leaping without looking. In this third part, we [...]

How to Avoid Property Blunders, Part 2 - "Just a Little Patience"

We wrote about the pre-cooling measure queues earlier in Part 1. If only that were the singular sign of how unsavvy some buyers can be in the property market! The recently-launched Q Bay Residences stands as another unfortunate example of how susceptible we can be to hype and hyperbole, even when it comes to big-ticket items [...]

Developers Counter Cooling Measures - Is It a Concern?

Everyone has had time to absorb the news about the cooling measures by now, and developers have already started to respond. As expected, they have countered with a slew of discounts, from straight-up price discounts to rebates on stamp duties. All these in the name of maintaining buyer interest and sales volume in an market [...]

Avoiding Property Blunders, Part 1 - "Only Fools Rush In"

While doing research for our series on the recent cooling measures, we came across the news that many buyers queued up the night before the measures were scheduled to be deployed. Why the rush to buy? Apparently, they were led to believe that prices would somehow increase once the cooling measures came into force.  As [...]

Massive Buzz to Weekend Cooling Measures

It’s been three days since this round of cooling measures was announced, and quite a buzz has been generated already. Several responses caught our eye, prompting us to make this post. The first thing to catch our attention, but not our surprise, is the negative sentiment towards the measures. While it was bound to happen, given [...]

New Cooling Measures Affect Loan-to-Value (LTV) Limits and Minimum Cash Down Payment

The swift actions by the government bodies in response to the Executive Condominium fiasco discussed in our earlier article and the continued escalation of property prices are probably welcomed by many.  Of course there will be those who will not agree with the need for new cooling measures, but we reckon that it is prudent for [...]

New Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) Rates

New Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty Rates will be in effect today!  Here are the comparisons against current rates as released late yesterday evening by authorities.

Jun 012012
Luxurious Expectations

Recently, an article put forth that the average Singaporean would take 43 years, practically half of his or her life, to fully purchase a ‘luxury home’. It concluded with the statement that “Singapore still has a long way to go before the majority of its residents can splurge on luxury homes”. In this article, the [...]

Developers Have a New Line to Toe With URA

Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) have finally made official, a round of changes to the Housing Developers Rules. Details directly from URA here. Mandatory information to intending home-buyers Track record of developers Home-buyers’ consent for changes to a housing unit Extend controls on advertisements to those on websites The gist of it is to increase transparency [...]