Towards a More Savvy Property Market

New guidelines for marketing property, specifically targeted at showflats and mock-ups, have been proposed by the authorities, but have not been implemented, since March last year. Now, a year down the road, it seems that the proposals haven’t quite sunk in yet. Showflats still have flaws in their presentation that can leave buyers confused, or [...]


After our previous article about COVs dropping (found here), it got us thinking more about the topic. What is this thing called COV, where did it come from, and why has it become such a big deal? To properly understand what COV is, we need to know how HDB units are valued. Unlike private property, [...]


Hot on the heels of our recent post about the charms of Geylang is the latest news that some 1900 private residential units are to be developed at more than 25 sites scattered around Geylang. They are slated for completion in three to four years, with many of them expected to be “shoebox” apartments. This term, of [...]

A Waste of Space - Or a New Lease of Life?

Now, to fully understand this issue, one must understand that Gross Floor Area, or GFA, is limited by the Allowable Plot Ratio as specified in the Master Plan for that area. Simply put, a developer has a limit on the total amount of living space he can build for any particular plot. It used to [...]

The Owner-Occupier and the En-Bloc Phenomenon

Often, one or two common reasons are main drivers of the ownership of the property. One possibility is that the property is for residing, and it should more appropriately be called a home. Another likely purpose is for income or to grow one’s personal net worth; the property is then an investment. Of course many [...]

Considerations for a First-Time Home Buyer

With skyrocketing property prices capturing the nation’s attention for the past couple of years, a new problem seems to have popped up. The newsgroups and websites have been abuzz with citizens voicing out their concerns about the unaffordability of even the most basic housing options. This is especially true for those just starting a family, [...]