Parking at the Kopitiam

The parking woes of landed estate residents have become a highlight in recent news articles. It even prompted us to write a blog post about it. Following that, another news article quoted residents’ reactions to a hypothetical creation of official parking lots and roadside markings along the roads in their neighbourhood. Ah Tan, who has just [...]

The High Cost of Living in High-Rise Singapore

The recent revelations that, over the past 3 months, 6 foreign domestic workers have fallen to their deaths in the line of duty should surprise no one. After all, it isn’t the first such incident in this land of high-rise, high-density living. What is new, however, is the Ministry of Manpower’s attempt to address the [...]

Private Parking Woes

This is a story of how two policies, implemented independently, have created unforeseen ripples in society. Firstly, COE quotas have slowly increased, as the government tries to satisfy the Singapore dream of owning a car. Secondly, the rules stipulating the provision of parking lots by property developers were relaxed (under the RCPS in 2005). Together, they [...]

A Waste of Space - Or a New Lease of Life?

Now, to fully understand this issue, one must understand that Gross Floor Area, or GFA, is limited by the Allowable Plot Ratio as specified in the Master Plan for that area. Simply put, a developer has a limit on the total amount of living space he can build for any particular plot. It used to [...]

The Owner-Occupier and the En-Bloc Phenomenon

Often, one or two common reasons are main drivers of the ownership of the property. One possibility is that the property is for residing, and it should more appropriately be called a home. Another likely purpose is for income or to grow one’s personal net worth; the property is then an investment. Of course many [...]