Fact: 20% of HDB Resale by PRs. But Does it Make Sense?

In our previous article we talked about Permanent Residents (PRs). We delved into the effect that housing policies have on their actions, and consequently what those actions have on the Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale market. One of the comments that we got, and that the authorities often use a well, was that PRs only [...]

Permanent Residents' Windfall - At What Cost?

We noticed that a recent post on the Straits Times (ST) forum page pointed out a disturbing trend in our housing market. A reader wrote in to say: “While house-hunting in the HDB resale market recently, I came across a number of permanent residents (PRs) who were selling their flats as they were returning to [...]

The Issue with Executive Condos

Just last week, our Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan mentioned that “There is this sense of inequity here that the lower-income group is getting lower subsidies than somebody who is earning S$12,000, so something is wrong somewhere and therefore I think we cannot carry on the EC in this current mode.” He was, [...]

Minister Musings - HDB the Trend Setter?

In our previous article, we spoke about how Minister Khaw Boon Wan put forth two ideas that the Housing Development Board (HDB) was considering. We then elaborated our thoughts on the first idea, which was lifting of the income ceiling limitation for purchases of public housing in Singapore. In this second part, we would like [...]

Minister Musings - Income Ceiling Obsolete?

Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan recently mused out loud about the direction that Housing Development Board (HDB) policies would take in the future. His revelations have sparked quite a bit of reaction from netizens, ranging the gamut of negative to positive responses. He highlighted two points specifically that the authorities are thinking over: Lifting [...]

HDB Subletting Decision May Be Seen in Wrong Light Due to Lack of Transparency

Much has been said about the Housing and Development Board (HDB)’s recent move to back down from its compulsory acquisition of a five-room HDB flat in Bukit Batok. For those who do not know the story: the owner of the flat, Chew  Teck Fatt was given notice of intent by HDB to acquire the flat [...]

A Voice of Experience from HDB

Late last week, the former chief executive officer of the Housing and Development Board, Liu Thai Ker, commented on the current state of affairs in public housing. He also gave a few indications of what he thought should be the direction for public housing in Singapore. Amongst his observations were to “forget the bells and [...]

SHiFT Exposes Need For a Shift in Attitude

In the news lately, due to the mention in parliament, is Jurong Town Corporation (JTC)’s Scheme for Housing of Foreign Talent, also known as SHiFT. But what exactly does this scheme, started in 1997, entail? Well, directly from JTC’s website, we can find the general idea and implementation of SHiFT. It is meant to offer a wide [...]

Going Beyond MP Inderjit Singh's Ideas on Housing

There have been many comments bandied about recently online regarding the make-up of Singapore. Phrases like “true-blue Singaporean” and ”born-and-bred Singaporean” are used without really knowing if they mean the same thing to everyone using them. Even we at BLUTA have been guilty of it. So we decided to sit down and really distill our thoughts [...]