How Recent Cooling Measures Affect HDB Loans - Annex IV

So, in my previous article about the cooling measures directed at public housing, I promised to talk more about Annex IV (due for release 1 July 2013), which deals specifically with purchase of HDB flats with less than 60 years of lease remaining. Well, here it is! After analysing Annex IV in greater detail, we [...]

Massive Buzz to Weekend Cooling Measures

It’s been three days since this round of cooling measures was announced, and quite a buzz has been generated already. Several responses caught our eye, prompting us to make this post. The first thing to catch our attention, but not our surprise, is the negative sentiment towards the measures. While it was bound to happen, given [...]

Public Housing Sector Gets Some Cooling Too

In addition to addressing private property directly (as we detailed in our articles on ABSD and LTV), the new cooling measures also had something for the public housing market. I guess they didn’t want Housing Development Board (HDB) flat buyers to feel left out! The measures targeted specifically at the HDB market takes direct aim at [...]

New Cooling Measures Affect Loan-to-Value (LTV) Limits and Minimum Cash Down Payment

The swift actions by the government bodies in response to the Executive Condominium fiasco discussed in our earlier article and the continued escalation of property prices are probably welcomed by many.  Of course there will be those who will not agree with the need for new cooling measures, but we reckon that it is prudent for [...]

New Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) Rates

New Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty Rates will be in effect today!  Here are the comparisons against current rates as released late yesterday evening by authorities.

Cashing In On Hand Outs

With the HDB tightening the rules for subletting their flats, it is now harder for Permanent Residents to rent out their HDB flats for long periods of time. Instead of a period of three years, Singapore PRs can only sublet their flats for a one-year period. While they can re-apply for approval to sublet their [...]

Illegal Subletting - HDB Cannot Let Such Abusers Off Lightly

We read with a certain sense of amusement the recent report in The New Paper about the Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment owner who blatantly advertised daily rates for her HDB apartment rooms. The advertisement, found in October’s issue of the in-flight magazine for Indonesian carrier Lion Air, featured three photos of the rooms [...]

The High Cost of Living in High-Rise Singapore

The recent revelations that, over the past 3 months, 6 foreign domestic workers have fallen to their deaths in the line of duty should surprise no one. After all, it isn’t the first such incident in this land of high-rise, high-density living. What is new, however, is the Ministry of Manpower’s attempt to address the [...]


After our previous article about COVs dropping (found here), it got us thinking more about the topic. What is this thing called COV, where did it come from, and why has it become such a big deal? To properly understand what COV is, we need to know how HDB units are valued. Unlike private property, [...]